Seamless hotel stays

conichi provides travelers the most innovative hotel experience while optimizing overall travel processes, drastically reducing cost per stay

Our promise

Seamless hotel check-in/-out at all participating properties

Compliance through end-to-end process and level 3 data

Reducing travel costs per trip by approx. $40

Highest control through level 3 data and cost transparency

The traveler at the center

1Enhanced experience
Real-time recognition
Seamless Check-in/-out
Digital Key
2Simplified payments
100% Payment Acceptance
Simple Payment Allocation
Tax Compliant Invoice
3App independent
Increase usage
100% booking agnostic
Smarthotel signage
4Data driven decisions
Real-time Data
Data Granularity
Duty of Care

How conichi works


SDK Integration into existing travel app enhances functionality


conichi app can be used instead of travel app or to pilot


OBE agnostic processing of hotel reservations


Rapid hotel roll-out based on your preferred properties

How conichi works

conichi in the media

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