Seamless hotel stays

Allow your travelers to save time & money at hotels. The conichi technology provides travelers with a hassle-free hotel experience with your own travel app.

Unlock smart travel

Pure technology

conichi is integrated in multiple travel apps and available to all travelers through the conichi app.

Smart solutions

Travelers can check in & out at all Smarthotels with their smartphones to skip the waiting lines.

Real-time insights

Know what your travelers are spending in real time and reduce maverick bookings through enhanced services.

Smarthotel in a nutshell

1Guest recognition
2Express Check-in
3Mobile Check-out
4Expense Management

Partners make us stronger

HRS - The Hotel Portal

conichi partners with the world’s leading hotel solutions providers, to support your company along the entire value chain.


Take advantage of exclusive HRS services and benefit from a high hotel reach as well as procurement experts in 50 markets worldwide.

Mobile Booking

Travelers can book “Smarthotels” at contracted rates via the HRS app. Utilize all conichi features without downloading an additional app.

Expense Management

Make a central payment for hotel stays and receive a clear collective invoice to achieve greater expenses control and save time.

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